Day 6 of The Little Grey Experiment

I waited until later in the day to check my statistics since I had to work. Here are the latest stats:

YouTube Channel Views: 1031; no subscribers

Google Adsense:  A total of $2.14. I made .10 cents today.

My page views: 141

BuzzFeed: Numbers are much lower than they have been. 

It is unclear how often Google updates Adsense. It might or might not increase later in the day. I have not worked with it long enough to know yet.

I also submitted a video to Reddit though that seems to have driven no traffic as of yet.

My newest video has only 10 views while some of my others are in the hundreds. It seems that overall shorter videos are better than longer ones.

I will keep you posted.


My Newest Video

Irresistibly Cute Kitten Playing With String

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Day 5 8PM Update: Money and Stats Report

As of 8PM:

YouTube Channel Views: 842; no subscribers

Google Adsense: $2.04. That is a big increase from .18 cents.

My page views: 111

BuzzFeed: 969 viewsThat is a slight decrease from this morning.

I am still working on my next video. I spent some time looking for royalty free music. seems to have some good material.

$2 is not a lot of money but it does represent an increase from yesterday. I will keep it going.

Day 5: Money and Statistics Report

This morning I checked all of my stats.

YouTube Channel Views: 752; no subscribers

Google Adsense: No change; .18 cents

My page views, according to Adsense, increased from 82 to 111. I am not sure why that did not translate into more money.

BuzzFeed: 1,061 views total on all of my submitted videos. That is a slight decrease from yesterday afternoon. I did not know that a decrease was possible.

I am working on creating another video but it may take a little while. I also read that one can increase their YouTube revenue using product placement.  I will have to think about the best way that can be done.

I taped about one more hour of video yesterday.

I will keep you posted.

Day 4 With The Little Grey Experiment

I just posted my fifth video this morning “Super Adorable Kitten Exploring New Home.” See below. I also submitted the video to BuzzFeed.

Google Adsense says that I made 18 cents. That is better than .01 that I had at midnight last night.

This morning I have 82 page views (Google Adsense); 453 YouTube page views and 963 views on BuzzFeed.

At midnight last night I only had 243 YouTube channel views.

Not sure if I will make any money but I am having a lot of fun.

I will keep you posted.

4PM UPDATE:  I have re-checked the stats. They are as follows:

YouTube Channel Views: 558; no subscribers

Google Adsense: No change; .18 cents

BuzzFeed: 1,068 views total on all of my submitted videos

Super Adorable Kitten Exploring New Home

Adorable Little Grey exploring her new home.

This is the 5th video thus far.

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My First Few Days

This is not a new idea. I first read about the possbility of making money on YouTube via viral videos from Sara Stodola in a Huffington Post article. It was an interesting experiement and I wanted to know more but the experiment seemed to end too soon. I thought I would give it a try.

I pulled together the many videos I had taken of my kitten Little Grey. I edited them using a AVS program and tried to keep them relatively short.

I then created a YouTube account, which meant that I had to get a YouTube channel.

I already had a Google Adsense account.

YouTube asked if I wanted to “Learn More” about monetizing my videos…and I did. I was approved and the experiment officially began.

I also uploaded 3 out of 4 of my videos to BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed is the place where videos have the potential to go viral.

So far, I have uploaded 4 total videos. As of March 15, I had 196 views on YouTube and 485 on BuzzFeed.

Google Adsense said that I had 18 page views (not sure how that all works yet).

I have officially made .01 from Google Adsense.

One person commented on one of my videos. They thought it was cute but did not care for the narration.

I will keep you posted.